Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

February IHSW

I actually managed to hermit and stitch on the proper IHSW weekend for the second time in a row! Felix has a persisting cold and was home from work all week, and I wasn't feeling all to well either, so we had a very lazy weekend, bingewatching Grey's Anatomy and stitching. I wanted to focus on the February Page of Fire and Ember and get as much as possible done on that, and I think I was quite successful. I started here:

and ended up here, having completely stitched four colours:

I'm continuing to work on this and hope to finish before the next weekend!

Samstag, 17. Februar 2018

February Gifted Gorgeousness

Almost on time this month - it's time for my favourite SAL :) During the last month I worked on only two of my gift projects, but I did work quite a bit on both of them. Mostly I focused on 99 - since January 29th (I think) I stitched on bottle a day, and that has gotten me to another pagefinish, and a bit into the next page as well:

I also knitted a bit and completed a total of six repeats on the cabled headband. I think I'm about halfway there now!

Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018

Secret Stitching Sweethearts Blog Hop

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We're not really celebrating I think (Felix isn't particularly fond of this 'holiday'....and since he's also home sick he has a good excuse this year), but of course I get to celebrate online with Jo and her wonderful Secret Stitching Sweethearts Blog Hop.
So somewhere out there, there is a love-themed stitching of mine floating around, that I will set out to look for, and here is what cupid has brought me:

Such a cute heart, I love the colours and the finish is perfect! I wonder who my secret stitching sweetheart is this year?

Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2018

WIP Wednesday

I don't usually post for this, but since there was no finish to show or other reason to post lately, I'm taking the opportunity to show you what I've been working on. In my WIPocalypse post, I told you I'd try to stitch one bottle on 99 each day for the Stitching Olympics Challenge - actually, I started working on this right the next day. Everyday I have stitched either a bottle or a segment of the shelf they stand on, so I managed a total of 8 new bottles since my last post.

This is actually very much doable and I feel a lot more confident about finishing by August, but on some day, I don't get any other stitching done, so things have slowed down. But I think I'm getting better at it, and will have some other finishes to show again soon ^_^

By the way, only six more bottles until the top of the design and a page finish!

Dienstag, 30. Januar 2018

Zodiac SAL - Capricorn

I am still very late this month, but at least it's not the 31st! Hopefully I can better myself by another two days, or I'm going to get a problem...

Here's the January ornament - garnet - with a backside added and fully finished. I had those beads left over from doing Angel of Frost a few years back, and they were just perfect for this!

Again, I did not get to stitch a princess fob, and Elsa has yet to be stitched as well...the ornament-less princess of the month is Cinderella. I can kind of see that, she definitely has the dream big, work hard mentally down!

Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018

January WIPocalypse

I can't believe January is almost over already! I had a good start to the month, crafting wise, but with grandma's visit to the hospital everything went sideways for a bit. She's been at home since Wednesday and seems to be recovering nicely, so hopefully, things are back on their way to their usual boring selves. Actually, boring sounds great about now!

What SAL’s are you participating in this year? and If you are participating in the Olympic Stitching Challenge, what challenge are you accepting?  What are your goals?

On SALs in the sense of 'stitching a certain part of a pattern per month/week', I'm only doing one this year - the Unconventional XStitch Fire and Ember SAL, which has been going on for almost two years now and which I will hopefully finish in October.
SALs in the sense of 'checking in on the blog every month', there's WIPocalyose, of course, and then also Gifted Gorgeousness (stitching on projects that either are gifts or use gifted supplies) and die Zodiac SAL (themed SAL to the twelve signs), both hosted by Jo. I'm also trying to take part in IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend) every month and blog about it afterwards, and I'm doing Stitch from Stash in the group on facebook, but probably won't talk a lot about that here.

I also just spontaniously decided to give the Olympic Stitching Challenge a try this year, and I choose the Endurance Race. I need to seriously buckle down and make some progress on 99, and while I can't promise I won't work on anything else during the time - all those bottles are seriously boring after a while - I will try and focus on this project. Maybe I will try to stitch one bottle every day for the duration of the Olympics, even if I know that's not going to be easy on some days.

So now for my monthly progress. I'm doing the 18 in '18 this year, so these are the projects I'm talking about here- I've worked on 5 of 18 projects this month, and I think I already showed you all but two of the pictures.

1) Fire and Ember SAL
I finished my obligatory page on this after 10 days of stitching. Page 17 had a lot of detail on the dragon - two partial feet and a bit of his head scales - so it took a little longer to stitch than I anticipated. Here it is with page 17 all finished:

2) The Puppeteer
I was a bit behind on this starting into the new year - about two weeks or so - but I'm all caught up now and sticking to the plan. I finished the black on page 12, and am now a good way through page 13.

3) Snow White
I was about thee weeks behind on her when I started the year, did one good five day session and now I am *drumroll* five weeks behind! Well, it happens. I know I can catch up rather quickly if I can find the time...and she did see some progress at least.

4) 99
This really should be more of a focus project if I want to have it finished by August...but I only stitch on it for about a week and managed to finish four bottles. I should be at at least 30 bottles total, and only have I see some serious stitching in my future!

16) Ornaments of the Month
I just finish-finished the Tanzanite ornament I stitched up in December, and I will post the January ornament for the Zodiac SAL shortly. I am still behind by the two additional December ornaments I didn't stitch yet, but that's okay as I still have three 'free' months on this at the end of the year.

So to recap: one month in and I am behind on four of my monthly goals (fourth one are the Princess Fobs, I haven't stitched on of those in two months now). I had two finishes not on the list though, so I guess it's okay, but I will still try and change that next month. My goal is to not fall behind any further, and to catch up at least one, better two. Hopefully I can make that work!

Dienstag, 23. Januar 2018

January IHSW

For the first time in what feels like forever, I conciously participated in the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, newly hosted by Jo in a facebook group with lots of lovely members. Felix was at his parents and I had to stay home because of grandma - but I had Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening AND all of Sunday (Mum took over the grandparents duties for that day while I had Saturday) for myself. I spent some of that gaming, but also a lot of stitching happend, and even a long overdue hangout/facebook video chat with all our girls. Which means, and this is very exciting, I can finally show you something I've made almost a year ago!
Back then, one of us (I think it was Krystal) discovered those cool dragon scale wrist warmers and commented that all of us totally need these. And Carla and I secretly started to hatch a plan to make that come true - we picked matching yarn in everyones favourite colours and decided that each of us should crochet three pairs. Mine were done pretty soon, but Carla had a busy year with moving over half of the US and job search and health challenges and also some good stuff, so she only got them done around Christmas. So we finally got to mail them and then, with all of us in the voice/video chat, we all opened them at  the same time, and it was great to see how everyone liked theirs! Funnily enough, I think Carla's are much better made then the ones I made, but she thinks the same about mine.

So here they are - the ones I made were for Krystal, Nancy and Carla:

And these are the ones Carla made for me:

Aren't they pretty?

Of course, I also did some new stitching over the weekend. I started page 17 of Fire and Ember and finished the first 3 colours, which is a majority of the page covered already, I think:

And then I also did a little knitting while visiting grandma...but I kept making mistakes and miscounting, so it's really just a tiny restart. I do prefer it to what I had before, though!